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Bag O Scraps

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Our Soap Is Different. 

Siliski Soap is REAL soap, a pure soap made with sustainable ingredients from responsible sources.  Unlike harsh sulfate-based products, our Appalachian Forest soap cleans without stripping skin of moisture and instead leaves it smooth and soft.  It cleans gently but thoroughly, lathers beautifully, and feels luxurious on your skin.

All of our bars are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, environmental worries, or who just wants a bar of real soap.   You will find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here.  Real soap doesn’t disrupt the outer protective barrier of the skin. Keeping this barrier intact helps retain moisture, making skin feel soft and smooth after every bath.

So what is a bag o scraps?  Scraps are the byproduct of manufacturing from our blocks.  We collect them and put assortments in bags each weighing at least 1 lbs.  At $16/lbs this is 30% less than buying full sized bars and a great value while trying multiple scents. 

What does it smell like?

Each bag is packed with an assortment of scents.  Comment in order notes if you want or cannot have any specific scent. 

What Makes Siliski Soaps Unique?

  • All ingredients are sourced from naturally occurring, sustainable sources 
  • Infused with natural essential oils for subtle, allergen-free fragrance
  • 100% palm oil free, cruelty-free, and nontoxic
  • Entire range is free of sulfates and detergents
  • Our packaging is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly 
  • Zero genetically-modified ingredients or derivatives
  • Carefully handmade in small batches for quality control