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About Us

We started out searching for a clean, healthy “real” soap.  A soap free of dyes, detergents and unnecessary chemicals.  We began looking at mass produced soaps and found they were made with palm or tallow.  The glycerin, a natural skin soothing agent was removed to be used in higher priced cosmetics.  Cheap detergents, unnecessary foaming agents and moisturizers are commonly added, making for a chemical nightmare that can cause irritation, dandruff, and eczema.  So, no joy here.

We decided to look into the “All Natural” soaps available on the market.   We thought we had the answer, but the products we found were palm and coconut based and were marginally better but were just not good enough.  We continued our exhausting research and after finding little encouragement on the market, we decided, we could make…something better and Siliski Soaps was born.

We make Artisan soap, real soap, a soap that doesn’t contain fillers, preservatives or synthetic lathering agents.  Instead, we created responsible and proprietary recipes of carefully balanced oils and fats made to interact and naturally cleanse, moisturize and lather without the use of any synthetic additives.

We never use Palm in the making of our soaps.  Palm farming is a major contributor to the deforestation of tropical forests.  And when mixed with coconut is just too harsh.  Instead we base our recipes on olive oil, balancing it with cocoa, shea, and coconut oils, incorporating the best qualities of each, to produce a very hard, long lasting bar with a luxurious and gentle clean. The Perfect Bar. 

In developing our products we took into account the need for men’s grooming.  So we have created a men’s grooming line that follows the same philosophy, responsible recipes and handmade production process as our soaps.   Today’s man understands the need for a more sophisticated, healthy and thoughtful approach to their daily regimen.   And we share that understanding throughout the full line.

Our soaps and all our products are made to the highest standards, mine, (after all, it’s my name on the label), using only the finest natural ingredients.and pure essential oils for our scents.   Our entire manufacturing process is by hand.  Soaps shampoos lathers and oils are all made in small batches, strictly adhering to our time proven, proprietary recipes and methods. Soaps are individually cut, weighed and packaged and with all products, each batch is tested for quality, weight and aesthetics 

You’re Skin… Your body’s largest organ is under constant attack from the sun, weather, the environment you live in and disease – everything that you touch, touches your skin, first,

so take care…

While our product may cost a little more than mass produced skin cleansing and men’s shaving products, you’re worth every penny.  And, we’re more than competitively priced with similar artisan products that can’t compete with our quality.

We’re not a major corporation, our soaps are made by hand.  Real soap, made with care and a high regard for quality, not the bottom line.  We are a small company that came up with a great product and wants to share our discovery with those concerned enough to care about having …Clean , Healthy, beautiful, skin

                                                             Andrew Siliski

                                                         Soap maker and Owner 

Siliski  soaps made better …by hand