About Us

 We at Siliski Soaps make artisan soap, real soap, a pure soap made with sustainable ingredients from responsible sources.  Always palm free, we base our recipes off of olive oil and scent only with essential oils.  You will find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here.  Gentle, long lasting, and perfectly balanced, we are sure you will love our time tested and true soap and skincare products.

We never use Palm in the making of our soaps.  Palm farming is a major contributor to the deforestation of tropical forests.  And when mixed with coconut is just too harsh.  We also have found that soap made with a lot of palm oil is more difficult to wash off.  So it either leaves a residue or spend too much time rinsing it off.  Instead we base our recipes on olive oil, balancing it with kokum, shea, and coconut oils, incorporating the best qualities of each, to produce a very hard, long lasting bar with a luxurious and gentle clean. The Perfect Bar. 

Our soaps and all our products are made to the highest standards, mine, (after all, it’s my name on the label), using only the finest natural ingredients.and pure essential oils for our scents.   Our entire manufacturing process is by hand.  Soaps shampoos lathers and oils are all made in small batches, strictly adhering to our time proven, proprietary recipes and methods. Soaps are individually cut, weighed and packaged and with all products, each batch is tested for quality, weight and aesthetics.

We at Siliski Soaps believe that everyone deserves great soap and skincare products.  We began donating a bar of soap for each purchase to our local food bank.  Your purchase supports a soap bar donation to our local food shelter and help those with the greatest need.  This is just the beginning.  We are looking for more partners in western PA and will be donating as many bars as possible

We’re not a major corporation, our soaps are made by hand.  Real soap, made with care and a high regard for quality, not the bottom line.  We are a small company that came up with a great product and wants to share our discovery with those concerned enough to care about having …Clean , Healthy, beautiful, skin

                                                             Andrew Siliski

                                                         Soap maker and Owner