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All of our recipes are 100 palm free.  We incorporate olive oil to produce a very hard, perfectlly balanced, long lasting bar.

All of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. No animals are harmed or tested on in our process.

Real soap, made with care and a high regard for quality, not the bottom line.  100% powered by solar energy.

We make soap pure as it can be.  You will find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here. 

Premium Quality Soaps and Skincare Products

We make artisan soap, real soap, a pure soap made with sustainable ingredients from responsible sources.  You will find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here.  Gentle, long lasting, and perfectly balanced, we are sure you will love our time tested and true soap and skincare products.

Gentle and luxurious and scented only with pure essential oils

Concentrated, yet made with extra glycerin, our liquid soap will keep your hands moisturized and squeaky clean.   

This bar lasts an astonishingly long time, will not gum up in your hair, is travel friendly and can even double as a super luxurious body soap.

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