Made by Our Family for Yours
We at Siliski Soaps make artisan soap, real soap, a pure soap made with sustainable ingredients from responsible sources.  Always palm free, we base our recipes off of olive oil and scent only with essential oils.  You will find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here.  Gentle, long lasting, and perfectly balanced, we are sure you will love our time tested and true soap and skincare products.

Siliski Soaps believes that everyone deserves great soap and skincare products.  Each of your purchases sends a soap bar donation to our local food shelter and help those with the greatest need.  

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Our Promises
Palm Oil Free
All of our soaps are palm oil free.  The foundation of our recipes is olive oil.  It makes a much better bar!
Each soap is hand poured, weighed, and inspected so you know you are getting the highest quality product
Natural Ingredients
We make soap pure as can be.  We do not use synthetic ingredients and are only scented with essential oils.  
Detergent Free
All of our soaps are free of sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfates and detergents.  We make pure soap here and do not cut corners.


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