The Difference is in the Details

We at Siliski Soaps make artisan soap, real soap, a pure soap made with sustainable ingredients from responsible sources.  Always palm free, we base our recipes off of olive oil and scent only with essential oils.  You will find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here.  Gentle, long lasting, and perfectly balanced, we are sure you will love our time tested and true soap and skincare products.

Siliski Soaps believes that everyone deserves great soap and skincare products.  Each of your purchases sends a soap bar donation to our local food shelter and help those with the greatest need.  

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The Siliski Soaps Difference

What People are Saying

I love the texture of the bar soap and the way my hands feel like they are moisturized after I use it! of course the natural oils make all the difference. I am also using the hand soap in rosemary a lavender and I have the body balm as well. The products are all very well made and I use the daily!

My husband and I love our Siliski soaps. The scents are nice and the soap lathers well and lasts a while. My husband is picky about his soaps and when he likes a soap, I know it is a good one! Most importantly, we love the fact that the soaps don't include any palm oil. Thanks Siliski Soaps!

I recently decided to change to all natural soaps because my skin was just a mess. It smells absolutely delightful! It is so soft and smooth on my skin. After a shower I do not feel the need to run right for the lotion. It also have reduced my eczema and dry skin itching during the day to almost nothing.