We all know shaving is a mundane chore.  So take this everyday annoyance and make it a luxury.  

More of you are turning back in time to a good wet shave using quality products and traditional shaving gear and practices.  Today’s man, needs a new line of products to assure the proper look, feel and health of your beard and skin.  Products that will give you a good, close shave without burn, cuts or irritation, leaving your skin smooth and with a proper scent.

Our shaving soaps and creams are made with the highest quality ingredients and create a super thick, rich lather  providing superior glide and cushion while leaving a smooth finish and invigorating overall feel.  We are continuously developing proprietary essential oil blends for scents and collaborate with Sweetcakes for our fragrance oils. 

And, being high in stearic acid, our shaving products lather up quickly, easily and last a surprisingly long time.  

We are proud to stock our shaving soaps at both West Coast Shaving and Maggard Razors.