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We researched and studied long and hard to create and develop the perfect recipes for our soaps, that would not only meet our demanding standards, but more importantly …yours.

Siliski soaps are handmade in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients.  Our entire line of bar soaps is olive oil based, then mixed with shea, coconut, cocoa, and castor oils perfectly balanced to produce long lasting, rich lathering bars.  

Our soap is gentle and luxurious and scented only with pure essential oils.  It is a real soap that cleanses soothingly, healthfully, thoroughly and repeatedly while leaving the skin refreshed, moisturized and supple.  Whether over the sink, in the tub or standing in the shower, Siliski makes a soap you can use every day, all day long, with no synthetic additives or fear of drying or irritating your skin.